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Development of web and mobile apps was needed to facilitate workflow and servicing in hospitals. By using the app, patients are able to perform some parts of the administrative process themselves, decreasing the total cost of obtaining medical services. CactusSoft was chosen to develop the project from scratch.


Our dedicated team worked on all stages of the complete software product life cycle. Now the beta versions of the mobile applications are working and allow users to do the following: create a patient’s personal account, view the next appointment and a full history of visits, pay for a consultation in a secure environment, and leave feedback straight after a consultation. It’s planned to add more functional features soon, and turn the app into a full digital connection with a doctor. The web application for hospital staff displays the status of their practice in real time: appointments management, schedules and status. In addition, an invoice creation feature is available.

Client: Orthoca, Belgium

Technologies: React, React Native, Redux, .NET Core, WCF, gRCP, Event bus, SignalR