Custom Software Development Services

Full stack development services to support any project

Business Analysis & Prototyping

At CactusSoft, we understand the importance of getting the project requirements right early in the life cycle in order to save time and money later. For proper, efficient and cost-effective software development, it is vital to ensure that the business requirements and concepts are converted promptly from ideas to reality. Our vast experience across assorted industries and companies helps us synchronize the technical requirements with the business requirements. This in turn allows us to choose the optimal plan for project implementation.

Enterprise Solutions Development

Backed by our vast experience and in-depth knowledge in various areas – in Collaboration, Business Process Management, Resource Planning, HRIS, our team is capable of delivering highly innovative enterprise solutions to our clients.

Web Development

Since 2007, we have been providing our clients with reliable web development services. We deploy the top trending back-end and front-end technologies which are consistent with the international standards to deliver stable and functional software solutions.

Mobile Development

Since 2007, CactusSoft has developed many mobile applications. We offer full-cycle mobile software engineering that also incorporates server-side implementation. With our solid expertise in Android, iOS, and HTML5 we deliver superior quality native mobile apps and cross-platform solutions.

Quality Assurance

Quality is deeply embedded in CactusSoft’s culture. We work to defined standards maintaining certifications such as ISO9001, while our quality assurance team works unruffled with the core development team. CactusSoft development methodologies are clearly defined and adhered to whether you choose Agile, Iterative or traditional Waterfall approaches. From testing the requirements through to User Acceptance Testing, we use the latest Software Testing techniques at every step in the development process to deliver the best quality product to our clients.

Project Management Expertise

Strong project management is the key to ensuring a successful
implementation. We understand that it involves not only managing tasks, delivery and milestones, but also communication, engagement, deliverables and change management at each stage of the process. Having skilled and experienced managers to lead the charge makes all the difference when it comes to delivering a high-quality result to our clients.