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The request was to create an automated control system for the maintenance of engineering and technical security systems at transport safety facilities (RITSO TB control system). The purpose of the project was real-time maintenance and recording of service and repair works, and ensuring optimal operating conditions for the engineering and technical systems at facilities.

The system needed to automate the process of managing security facilities from the point of filing an application for a certain type of work right up to its accomplishment. The project had to be completed in a limited time.


Our specialists undertook a full-stack development, including both web and mobile applications. With the help of these apps, the client can submit a request for repair work at any facility (e.g. for cameras or sensors). The request is then handled on the server, so that managers can assign workers and set out a suitable schedule for them.

SkyCentrics has been a regular client of CactusSoft since 2008.

Client: FTC (Federal Technology Company), Russia

Technologies: PHP 7.1, Symphony, Doctrine, PostgreSQL, Angular 4, Android Java, Swift/Objective C