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Strengthening employees’ engagement and commitment is a priority to most organizations. But some companies find this task more challenging especially if their workforce is mobile and/or distributed. Over the years CactusSoft has gained a deep insight into this challenge and has developed Mobile Engagement solutions for its clients. This has helped improve news and information sharing, enhanced collaboration, and increased efficiency in onboarding new employees.

Our clients have experienced significant results in improved Innovation, Productivity, Agility, Motivation levels and Performance. We have also developed and launched the WISP Software which is a Service Product based on our Employee Engagement Platform.

Employees can connect with each other and to the company’s knowledge base anywhere, anytime and on any device. For clients who require bespoke in Employee Engagement Solutions, we customize and leverage our platform to build bespoke enterprise class solutions – faster, cheaper and more robust than many of the other alternatives. The benefits of using our proven CactusSoft Employee Engagement Platform include:



Our platform helps us integrate with your current IT environment to assist you in apadpting to the changing needs of your business and employees


A TLS encrypted data communication protocol and an in-house hosting ensure that your data is secured and protected


Whichever workflow you need, the platform can be customized to suit your business type and meet the needs of your business and industry


The User Experience can be customized to reflect your brand identity and design styles


Our solutions help reduce development costs and save time with the use of ready-made frameworks. There is no need to invest in expensive infrastructure or development

Ready to go

Our work is ready to be implemented, hence it’s easy to launch compared to when starting from scratch

Unlimited possibilities

We are able to modify anything by either adding features you need or building a platform according to your requirements

Keep Your Employees Engaged

Out-of-the-box Features


Help you stay informed with the latest updates


Connects your employees and brings corporate culture to life


Engage audiences and collect valuable feedback


Helps keep everyone up to date

Contact List

Allows you to get to know your coworkers, their job descriptions, and contact details

Cloud Storage

Keeps your files safe, organized and available from anywhere

Social Tools

Allow comments on posts and connect employees with each other

File Share

Makes documents and media files easy to access and easy to find


Help organize users by sectors and manage access


With anything and everything

Our Multi-Platform Solution

Runs on all kinds of devices (smartphones, tablets and desktops)