Our Management Team

The CactusSoft management team is always open to inquiries

Our primary goal is to establish a relationship of mutual trust with our clients through internal processes,
transparency and strong channels of communication.

Andrei Reshetin

Co-Founder andrei.reshetin@cactussoft.biz

Vera Reshetina

CEO & Co-Founder vera.reshetina@cactussoft.biz

Yan Oreshchenkov

Chief Technical Officer yan.oreshchenkov@cactussoft.biz

Vladimir Reshetin

Strategic Director vladimir.reshetin@cactussoft.biz

Mikhail Kartamyshev

Business Development Director mikhail.kartamyshev@cactussoft.biz

Timofey Grigoriev

Sales Manager timofey.grigoriev@cactussoft.biz

Stacie Eliseeva

Project Manager