Custom-made software solutions

for your digital workplace environment

Connect your employee development to your business objectives

We build a digital workplace infrastructure for our clients that is tailored to increase productivity, improve employee engagement, and foster revenue growth.

CactusSoft is your technological partner in creating
high-performance custom-made digital workplace solutions

Choose the right technology to initiate progress

Having worked with a vast range of technologies on software development projects, we have the expertise to advise our clients on choosing the best tech solutions every time. We carefully select the most complementary technologies, and use these to develop software specifically tailored to your business needs. You can learn more about the stack of technologies we are experienced in here.

Benefit from the mobile-first approach

As the mobile market continues to grow, it is crucial to offer software products with full mobile functionality. We know where our clients’ users are, and accordingly we develop software that prioritizes mobile functionality, just like they do.

Our substantial experience in software development for the three major mobile platforms—iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile—demonstrates our successful implementation of this approach and our proven track record of delivering high quality software products with outstanding functionality.