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The main challenge of the project was the development of the Ethereum wallet, which helps users store and save cryptocurrency and to make transactions to its integrated smart-contracts function. It was necessary to provide users with exclusive access to the wallet while at the same time not allow them to spend money until the end of the selected period. The service also lets users work with ERC 20 tokens and smart-contracts. The customer also requested that the app be lightweight and high performance.


CactusSoft designed the Ethereum wallet with all of these functions. The implemented solutions provide secure access to a personal account and the money it stores (two-level authentication, password, etc.). The main feature of the project is that user can save cryptocurrency in accounts based on smart-contracts. The contract works according to the following algorithm: before sending money to the so-called ‘money box’, the user sets parameters such as a freeze period, criteria for automatic defrosting, and wallet selection. After that, the user doesn’t have access to the account until the end of the set period. The app handily solves many of the challenges connected with cryptocurrency in a single software solution. Our team developed both web and mobile versions of the app.

Technologies: My Sql, Asp.net core, Entity Framework Core, Twillio, CQRS, Rest Api, JWT Token, Geth (go-ethereum), Web3, Web3j, Solidity, BIP-32, BIP-39, ERC-20 smart contracts, Java, NDK, RxJava2, DBFlow, MVC, JSON RPC