E-commerce platform for the largest player in the Scandinavian home appliances market



WhiteAway contacted CactusSoft in 2014 when it had approximately 50 percent of the Danish online market and was growing organically by more than 100 percent yearly in Norway and Sweden.

WhiteAway’s tech team asked us to develop a full-cycle solution to support their sales process, which was constantly changing due to extremely fast growth.


CactusSoft built an e-commerce platform for online retailers supporting external integration with ERP. It is a full-cycle solution covering all steps from order processing to customer relationship management. CactusSoft’s team has developed a flexible, scalable solution that can expand to meet the customer’s needs and their business goals.

The solution includes the development of a web admin panel to control, extend and manage the customer’s ERP system (including integration with third-party software and the ability to expand the functionality more effectively and expeditiously).

Using the web admin panel makes it possible to manage order installments and apply discounts.