A completely new vision of mobile banking that takes customers’ experience to a new level



Develop a modern, functional and user-friendly application for mobile banking on iOS and Android platforms, as well as design prototypes for internet banking. The apps needed to be integrated with analytic tools, an online geolocation service and a security server. The project was acquired through a tender process and was developed on a fixed-price basis.


The CactusSoft team analyzed the business requirements and the existing best-in-industry apps. The main emphasis was put on designing the app’s functionality, because this is the main factor affecting usability and security for users.

We advised on new structures, visual solutions and some additional features that improved the initial concept. The UI/UX engineering was based on modern design trends and complied with iOS Human Interface and Material Design Guidelines. Our team created about 300 screens for both mobile and web versions.

Under the agreement, CactusSoft developed mobile apps, as well as provided the customer with active technical support and consultation during the web-app development phase. The programming process lasted for 7 months with testing at every stage. Further phases will involve the expansion of the functional possibilities of the app.