A platform that enables virtual expansion of a physical showroom



Ocular, a Belgian company that designs and develops digital tools to translate into physical spaces, was planning to build a virtual extension for the experiences it creates. When Belgium went into lockdown, those plans became an immediate need.

The scarcity of talent in Belgium and the urgency of the project led Ocular to nearshoring and, more precisely, to CactusSoft.


The CactusSoft team worked on the software that displays virtual showrooms and allows for scheduling and starting a virtual meeting with virtual face-to-face calls inside the platform.

A virtual showroom is the link between a company’s website and its real showroom. It provides personal guidance, with the main purpose being to schedule a meeting in the real showroom. The virtual showroom is built up from modules of the Ocularium platform. The same modules used in the virtual showroom can also be used in the real showrooms and at fairs.


Ocular and CactusSoft were able to design, develop, and successfully launch the platform in five months. Both companies have continued working together on maintenance and updates.